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Who needs a gayborhood when the whole cy is one? Mms, dance clubs, theaters, a hike-and-bike trail around the lake — there’s somethg happeng all day and all night At's cy center. Fd out where to go Downtown At, TX and the Warehoe District for LGBTQ visors.


    Gay Erw is VP for Public Affairs at SPI. She has been executive-level management for the last 25 years and has alt wh all levels of ernment. * gay erwin austin tx *

    Gay ErwVice Print of Public Affairs.

    Wh an imprsive amount of experience both the public and private sectors, Gay Erw brgs a unique perspective and credible sight to ernmental enti. Gay has been executive level management for the last 25 years and has alt wh ernment at the lol, state, and feral levels. Gay joed the SPI team after servg five years as Executive Assistant for Admistratn for the Texas Office of the Attorney General.


    Gay Erw - Strategic Partnerships, Inc..