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gay rights in turkey

LGBT Rights Turkey: homosexualy, gay marriage, gay adoptn, servg the ary, sexual orientatn discrimatn protectn, changg legal genr, donatg blood, age of nsent, and more.



From Istanbul to Izmir, thoands of Turkish activists took to the streets prott to memorate lbian, gay, bisexual, and transgenr (LGBT) Pri month June. Turkish thori rpond wh a seri of attacks agast LGBT rights activists, lawyers, and journalists; Kaos GL, a Turkish LGBT rights group, reported that the ernment banned 10 LGBT-related events and taed over 530 people jt 37 days. * gay rights in turkey *

Unfortunately, this is havg a very real and visible effect on LGBT rights Turkey that gay travelers to the area should take to acunt when planng a trip.

* gay rights in turkey *

In fact, same-sex sexual activy was legalized the Ottoman Empire 1858 and homosexualy has been legal sce 1923 when morn Turkey was found. This is spe the efforts of some opposn parti who have attempted to troduce bills that would allow gay and transgenr people legal protectn.

Although homosexualy is technilly legal, life as a member of the LGBT muny Turkey n be extremely challengg.

Turkish police attacked and arrted hundreds at the Istanbul Pri March last weekend, a sweepg display of vlence and discrimatn agast lbian, gay, bisexual, and transgenr (LGBT) people, as well as journalists attemptg to report on the June 26 event. The number of arrts 2022 is three-tim more than the arrts durg the prev seven Istanbul Pri march bed. Thirty-four of those arrted were youth, acrdg to Kaos GL, a Turkish LGBT rights group. * gay rights in turkey *

A report published by Human Rights Watch 2008 showed how gay and transgenr muni face a threat of vlence and discrimatn on a daily basis. The social suatn for members of the gay muny is better smopolan Istanbul than ral areas, where honor killgs still occur; but whether or not people feel fortable g out to their fay and iends pletely pends on their own ntext and would still mean a number of risks. Istanbul and some of the most tourist-iendly areas, such as Bodm, have a fairly thrivg gay scene, wh pulsg dance floors, gay bars, and hamams; but many lols who are volved the gays scene by night are livg a different life by day, as they are not able to be open wh their fay or iends, and certaly not at work, where they uld worry about the impact would have on their future.

Panic and anxiety gripped members of Turkey's lbian, gay, bisexual, transgenr and queer muni when several thoand monstrators marched Istanbul last weekend to mand a ban on what they nsir gay propaganda and to outlaw LGBTQ anizatns. * gay rights in turkey *

Public displays of affectn between heterosexual upl are owned upon as well, so any travelers would be advised to be discrete, not jt gay travelers.

Generally speakg, gay travelers should feel fortable gog all over the untry and not let any fear lim their adventur.

Even Ankara and Izmir, Turkey’s pal and most Wtern-leang cy rpectively, don’t have anythg that close to beg scribed as a ‘gay scene’, so while they’re tertg plac to vis, gay travelers shouldn’t expect a party.

Lbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgenr and Queer Rights Turkey * gay rights in turkey *

Gay upl or sgle gay travelers hopg to meet people should not experience any issu if they are booked ternatnal, upsle hotels.


‘We’re agast LGBT’: Erdoğan targets gay and trans people ahead of cril Turkish electn | Human rights | The Guardian.